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Textiles, Fine Art, Custom Portraits by Keri Bas
  • art quilt made of silks depicting Canterbury Cathedral in the background of a narrow lane lined with signs hanging from wrought iron posts, with three purple umbrellas in the foreground.

    Canterbury Lane, Quilted Silk, 31" x 25"

  • prismacolor pencils portrait of a young white couple, close-up on their faces and smiles

    Wedding Portrait
    prismacolor pencils on paper

  • oil painting of a young black woman with her natural hair braided near her head, wearing a coral blouse with a ruffled collar,  standing against a green wall with tentacle-esque designs in the wallpaper, where her right shoulder looks like it is emerging from the wall.

    Emerging - oil on canvas, 20" x 16"

  • acrylic portrait shoulders up of a man with a short beard and glasses

    Gary Alla Prima
    acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"

Welcome to Painted Hippo Studio.

Art tells powerful stories. I create stories in textile and fiber, in paint and pencil, and in words. My fiction has appeared in Alien Skin Magazine and Ideomancer.  My commissioned portraits are in several private collections. Currently I am focused on work in textile, including art quilts and fabric sculpture.

I enjoy telling stories of hope in the face of despair, of surreal worlds alongside our own, and of the power of individuals to shape worlds.  When I’m not working on art, I can be found reading comics, writing novels, and staging Action Figure Theater on my travels. I run the Houston Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup, a place for aspiring and accomplished writers of all ages and speculative genres to meet, commiserate, learn, and grow.


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Quilt Festival in Pictures

Quilt Festival in Pictures

At last, my International Quilt Festival 2016 photos are white-balanced and processed. Titles and artists have been added. I especially enjoyed the exhibit of Kathy York’s colorful quilts featuring 3-D elements and tiny worry people. They were very inspiring. I’m really encouraged by the use of shape and negative space in color quilts like hers,… Continue Reading