Portrait Society of America Conference Part 3

The final 2 demos of the conference were a bit different.

First, Daniel Greene gave us a demo on Finishing a portrait, including how to get started again after weeks or months away from a painting. It was interesting for color theory, too, since initially the model had been wearing a dark jacket, but for the new sitting he was wearing a light one. About halfway through, the model’s wife ran upstairs in the hotel to get his dark jacket and it made for crazy changes in value and light references.

Then the last demo of the conference was on charcoal portraiture, and featured a rather salty artist, Burton Silverman, creating two different works – first in black charcoal on white paper, then in black and white on toned paper. This was very interesting, too, because he made no bones about it when he made a mistake – and it was a bit reassuring to see him do so. Even the greats can go wrong and recover.

Self-Portrait in Pieces

We’ve been on hiatus for two weeks from portraiture class, and the homework is to draw pieces of myself. So I did.  I am really starting to love charcoal.  I think I’ll have to try the colored charcoals that came from my Granny’s old art supplies.  Could be truly amazing for new projects.

So, pieces of me, plus my mom’s ears: