Desaturation and Decay

That’s the name of my latest finished work, a colored pencil illustration of wilting sunflowers. As time wilts the flowers, so too the work itself decays, as color and form fade into the stark grid on paper.

I added this piece to my Illustration portfolio, striking an older work. Although most of the older works are still available in the archives, in blog posts similar to this one.

This one took me a long time, largely because I lost my way shortly into the color treatment and had to reconsider what I wanted the final piece to say. I had already shifted my interpretation of the flowers in a few key ways, to differentiate them from the photograph I took for reference, for one thing. Finishing this one definitely got me back into a colored pencil groove, though, so I expect that my studio will see an equal amount of Prismacolor action as acrylic paint for a while.

Next up in Prismacolor: portraits of family on vacation.

Self-Portrait in Pieces

We’ve been on hiatus for two weeks from portraiture class, and the homework is to draw pieces of myself. So I did.  I am really starting to love charcoal.  I think I’ll have to try the colored charcoals that came from my Granny’s old art supplies.  Could be truly amazing for new projects.

So, pieces of me, plus my mom’s ears: